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As many of you have probably already heard Brett Favre the New York Jets quarterback who led the team to a 1-4 record down the stretch informed the Jets organization recently he was going to retire…… again. This is about the third or so time Brett has done this so who knows if he means it this time, but it seems that perhaps his monumental breakdown in the last quarter of the season may have finally let him realize it is time to go back to Mississippi, wear his Wrangler jeans, and go hunting full time.

The Jets who were in the drivers seat to be in the Hunt for the AFC Championship until Favres abysmal play correlated with their demise down the stretch. Do I totally blame Favre for this collapse? No. There were questionable coaching calls and certainly there were others on the team who dropped the ball, but you can not argue that Favreran out of gas down the stretchwhen it mattered with his interceptions far outnumbering his TD passes. In fact over the last four season in December (remember the golden rule good teams don’t lose after Thanksgiving) Favre has thrown 13 TD passes to his 31 interceptions.

Brett was a great player for the Green Bay Packers. He was someone who played the game like we dream to as a  boy. Heleft his heart and soul on the field so you can understand some of his shenanigans over the past few years. Ultimately though his stretching of his career has worn thin though. Bowing out gracefully is no longer an option so it is best to go ahead and exit stage right. Let some time pass so everyone can forget that season in the other green uniform and remember the good years with the Packers.

If he does decide in a month that he can’t scratch the itch I think the Jets should package him up to anybody who wants him for a third or fourth round pick. For the record I was not optimistic or happy about this move from the start, and I’m happy to see the Jets head in a new direction.  Maybe Mark “The Dirty” Sanchez, maybe a Veteran, or perhaps see if Kellen Clemens has matured into a starter. No matter what they do I am doing back flips today knowing that Brett is gone!


In the past when you became a Green Bay Packer in particular a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers the shoes you had to fill were that of the legend Bart Star. Well Brett Favre is the one guy who came in and not only filled those shoes, but went above and beyond.

 News is filtering out today that Brett Favre is ready to turn in the cleats and retire. Brett leaves to undoubtedly join the Football Hall of Fame. Not only will he be joining the Hall when eligible, but he will also join the discussion of greatest quarterbacks ever. He won or shared the honor of league MVP a record 3 times. He was selected to the Pro Bowl 9 times, he was the player of the week 12 times in his career, most consecutive starts for a Quarterback 253, most wins by a quarterback 160, most career passing touchdowns 442, most career passing yards 61,655, most completions & attempts, and most games with at least 3 touchdowns 63. That is just the tip of the iceberg with his accomplishments. Above and beyond all the awards and milestones is the way Mr. Brett Favre played the game. He was the gunslinger. He laid it all out on the line and played hard and laughed hard while doing it. He was like a big kid out there on the field. It looked like his excitement was contagious. Surely someone you would want your son to have as a role model.  The NFL will miss Brett Favre Legends like him only come along so often. Thanks Brett! 

So yesterday like most men you were probably sitting down enjoying the Green Bay Packers playing the New York Giants for an opportunity to go to the greatest sporting event in the world the Super Bowl. If you were you probably noticed the Green Bay Bikini Girls. These girls are legit fans. I mean what kind of dedication does it take to get down to your bikini and support your team. Sure if you are in south florida not that big of a deal, but when the game time temp yesterday was -3 Degrees…. that is some serious dedication to be applauded. Evidently this was not just a one time thing either they go to all the games and take it off for their team and Brett Farve. More girls need to be into football like this. I’m also willing to chalk this one up as one more reason to love Brett Farve.. I mean the guy has fans who will take their clothes off for him in the freezing cold!

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