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Afterlife Zombies

Will We Ever See Real Zombies?

While many of us will unlikely ever see a real zombie in our regular lives, we can continue to enjoy them in our favorite shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead. However, the possibility to see real zombies might be around the corner during the Afterlife.

Anything is Possible During the Afterlife

Nobody knows what the Afterlife is like, leaving our imaginations to create a new world. Like our imagination, anything is possible in this world. We could all be in a galaxy far far away with lightsabers, or facing hordes of the undead.

The new novel Battle for the Afterlife Saga, Blue Courage by CJ Davis explores these possibilites. In his book, which I have read an advanced copy of, there are zombies called Lost Souls. They are every bit as terrifying as the zombies in today’s pop culture.

The basic principle around the flesh eating ghouls, is that they are people in the Afterlife, that lost their motivation to grow their souls. Overtime people that do not pursue personal growth through hobbies, interests, work and other passions eventually become Lost Souls. Eternity is a long time, after all. Boredom can drive a person insane!

His book is very good, and I highly recommend it. It’s filled with characters I cared about, and also had plenty of action and adventure.

CJ Davis’s novel is coming out in the fall 2013.

Watch the Book Trailer Here

Battle for the Afterlife Saga, Blue Courage - Book Cover

I was reading through this book, Zombies: Encounters with the Hungry Dead, the other night, and I realized there are so many cool places you can go with the Zombie theme.  This particular book is an anthology of stories about Zombies.  It has stories written by some of the greats like Max Brooks, Ray Bradbury and Stephen King, however some of the best shorts come from some of the less known authors.  However, this is besides the point.

This book captures stories from the Vudu zombie, people coming back to life (not interested in brains), and of course your traditional Romero-Zombies who are hungry for brains.

They all have their place in the Zombie lore, and this book pulls them together nicely.

If you get a chance to pick it up, be sure to check out the short story “Great Wall: A story from the Zombie War”.  It’s actually a “deleted scene” if you will, from World War Z. Guess it didn’t make the final cut.  It’s pretty cool all the same.

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