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By Alan Dean Foster

Alan Dean Foster’s terrific new novel is a near-future mystery that has all of the darkish humor and edgy morality of an Elmore Leonard secret, as well as the masterly world-building and quirky yet plausible characters readers count on from Foster. This gripping event unearths a spot the place criminals are punished via genetic engineering and physically manipulation—which poses profound questions about what it ability to be human.

Given his identify simply because radical surgical procedure and implants have diminished him to preternatural thinness, Whispr is a thug. His associate in crime, Jiminy Cricket, has additionally been bodily altered with nanocarbonic prosthetic legs and high-strength fast-twitch muscle fibers that provide him nice leaping skills. In a dismal alley in Savannah, Whispr and Jiminy homicide what they take to be a random vacationer that allows you to amputate after which fence his refined synthetic hand. however the hapless sufferer additionally occurs to be sporting an strange silver thread that looks to be a few type of garage medium. Ever speedy to odor capability revenue, Whispr and Jiminy seize the thread as well.

Chance later deposits a wounded Whispr on the sanatorium of Dr. Ingrid Seastrom. issues haven't long past easily for Whispr for the reason that he bought the mysterious thread. robust forces are trying to find him, and Jiminy has vanished. All Whispr desires to do is promote the thread as fast as he can. while he bargains to separate the gains with Ingrid in trade for her clinical providers, she makes an miraculous discovery.

So starts a distinct partnership. in contrast to Whispr, Ingrid is a usual, without genetic or physically alteration. She can be a Harvard-educated health practitioner, whereas Whispr’s smarts are strictly of the road style. but jointly they make a powerful team—as lengthy as they could elude the improved assassins which are monitoring them.

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