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By Paul M. Yen M. D. (auth.), Paolo Beck-Peccoz (eds.)

The exponential progress in our wisdom at the pathophysiology of hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis and, particularly, of thyroid hormone motion, principally stems from the experiences at the a variety of syndromes of resistance to the hormones inquisitive about the functionality of the axis. those syndromes primarily surround varieties, i. e. the resistance to thyroid hormones and that to TSH motion. The contribution of molecular biology has been primary in figuring out the etiology of those diverse thyroid problems and resulted in the invention of recent pathogenetic mechanisms, e. g. the dominant unwanted effects of a mutant protein at the basic one. during this booklet, i've got assembled an the world over renewed staff of specialists dedicated to the experiences of either easy and medical thyroidology. Taking the syndromes of resistance as a template, the novelties at the mechanisms of motion of a few of the hormones, the etiopathogenesis of the syndromes, the tools for the prognosis, in addition to the pitfalls in handling those illnesses, are deeply revisited. The insights from various animal versions are mentioned, with specific specialise in tissue particular motion of thyroid hormones, in addition to at the nonetheless enigmatic mechanism of detrimental suggestions regulate of thyroid hormones on TSH secretion and the various etiologic mechanisms inflicting thyroid hormone resistance in sufferers with out mutations within the thyroid hormone receptor ~. The position of the constitution of thyroid hormone and TSH receptors in designing agonist or antagonist molecules is commonly debated. in addition, new kinds of congenital or received resistance to thyroid hormones are presented.

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