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By Robert Purrington

Placing physics into the ancient context of the commercial Revolution and the ecu geographical region, Purrington lines the most figures, together with Faraday, Maxwell, Kelvin, and Helmholtz, in addition to their interactions, experiments, discoveries, and debates. The good fortune of nineteenth-century physics laid the root for quantum conception and relativity within the 20th. Robert D. Purrington is a professor of physics at Tulane collage and coauthor of body of the Universe.

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S. copyright law. Manufactured in the United States of America. Page v Contents List of Illustrations vii Preface ix Acknowledgments xvii 1 Prologue: The Century of Science 1 2 Nineteenth-Century Science in Context 9 3 Electromagnetism 32 4 Heat and Thermodynamics 75 5 Energy and the Energy Principle 102 6 Atomism 113 7 The Kinetic Theory of Gases and Statistical Mechanics 132 8 Fin de Siècle 148 9 Epilogue 169 Notes 175 Index 239 Page vii Illustrations Plates Frontispiece. Michael Faraday. William Whewell.

Page xvii Acknowledgments I would like to thank Tulane University for the sabbatical leave that allowed me to finish this book; for a further year in London during which I completed much archival work and rewriting; and for travel support that made it possible to consult the correspondence of Maxwell, Tait, William Thomson (Lord Kelvin), J. J. Thomson, and Rutherford. Special gratitude is due to the staff of the rare books and manuscripts division of Cambridge University Library and especially to its superintendent, Godfrey Waller.

87 13. James Prescott Joule. 90 14. Sir William Thomson. 97 15. M. Rankine. 99 16. Thompson's Illustration of Cannon Boring. 106 17. Hermann von Helmholtz . 111 18. Bernoulli's Illustration of His Kinetic Theory of Gases. 134 19. Rudolph Clausius. " 41 Page viii 3-2. Ampère's Device for Measuring the Force between Two Current-Carrying Spirals. 45 3-3. " 49 3-4. Maxwell's Mechanical Model of Hexagonal Molecular Vortices with Rolling Idle Wheels between Them. 69 4-1. Carnot Cycle, Displayed on a p-V, or Indicator, Diagram.

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