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By Anne Perry

"DIFFICULT to place DOWN . . . Descriptive, evocative, and continually detailed . . . The secret plot is difficult and wonderfully paced." *The Virginian-PilotThe ritual homicide of a prostitute named Ada McKinley in a bed room on decrepit Pentecost Alley might mostly social gathering no stir in Victoria's nice city. yet, less than the victim's physique, the police discover a Hellfire membership badge inscribed with the identify Finlay Fitzjames--a identify that immediately attracts Superintendent Thomas Pitt into the case.Finlay's father *immensely prosperous, robust, and unsafe *refuses to contemplate the prospect that his son has been in Ada McKinley's mattress. The implication is obvious: Pitt is to arrest anyone except Finlay Fitzjames for Ada's loss of life. yet Thomas Pitt isn't a guy to be intimidated, and with assistance from his quick-witted spouse, Charlotte, he stubbornly pursues his research *one that twists and turns like London's personal historical streets. . . . "Stands as considered one of her such a lot intricately built plots . . . Perry packs a triple wallop into the ultimate pages, one climax following another." *Chicago Sun-Times"Vibrant . . . Alluring." *The big apple occasions e-book ReviewA major number of THE BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH membership

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Not reg’lar, like calling. See the same faces, but nobody makes appointments. Might come on the chance, sure enough. ” Her face crumpled, her shoulders sagged, and suddenly her eyes filled with tears. ” She took a deep, shaky breath. ” She looked at Pitt. “She gave me a pair of boots once. We had the same size feet. They had a real pretty heel. ” The tears spilled over her cheeks and ran down the paint on them, but she did not contort her face. There was a strange kind of dignity in her, a genuineness of grief which made nothing of the shabby room with its unmade dirty bed, the garish clothes, the smell of the midden coming up from the yard, even her weary body, too often used, too little loved.

Her eyes were sharp and bright. “I said she were greedy. Always wanted more. Always thinkin’ o’ ways to get a bigger cut, not jus’ for ’erself, but for us too. I never knew nobody so angry. ” She shrugged and her lip curled. “Lousy butler wot took ’er character, I s’pose. Then lied abaht it. Dunno what she expected! ” Her face pinched and the sorrow returned. ” There was a bang outside and a clatter of hooves. Someone shouted. There were footsteps in the corridor and a door slammed somewhere upstairs, the vibrations shivering through the room.

She gave a sharp, jerky little laugh. “Oh, Fat George’s girls, up near the Park. That’s their patch. If it had bin a knife in her, I’d ’ave said Wee Georgie’d done it. But he’d never have strangled her, or done it in her own room either. He’d have done it in the street and left her there. ” That was unarguable. Pitt knew them both too. Fat George was a mountain of a man, unmistakable for anyone else, let alone Finlay FitzJames. And Wee Georgie was a dwarf. Added to which, whatever the trespass into their territory, they would have beaten her, or crippled her, or even disfigured her face, but they would not have brought down the police upon themselves by killing her.

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