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Download Paul's Case: The Kingston Letters by Lynn Crosbie PDF

By Lynn Crosbie

With of North America's such a lot infamous serial killer/sex slayers as its concentration, Lynn Crosbie's novel, dissects and pathologises the awful international of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. within the true-crime culture of Norman Mailer and a number of others, this publication is a outstanding paintings of theoretical fiction that sensitively, imaginatively, and systematically analyses the kidnapping and homicide of Bernardo and Homolka's blameless sufferers whereas exploring, in startlingly image element, the cultural results of the stunning revelations and controversy surrounding the seize, trial, testimony, videotape facts, and incarceration of the virtually unthinkable massive pair. this is often compelling, relocating, very unlikely paintings: a publication with the intention to surprise, terrify, and anger you: a booklet so that it will holiday your center and alter you.

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Stupid questions asked me move me to homicide Paul's Case — 59 I've got no remorse & I've got no shame. Did you ever get caught. No, never. Why? Because I'm a deadly innocent guy. The illusion has become real, how does it Feel? I'm the big wheel, Paul Jason Teale. I'll take an ax to her inability 60 — Lynn Crosbie THREE. BERNARDO REMEMBERS THE SCARBOROUGH RAPES: Paul's Case — 61 10. TALES FROM THE CRYPT Which we. all like. Rain. When we sleep. But wait until our sleeping. Drain. — James Joyce, Finnegan's Wake heres one story about a house in Port Dalhousie thats been torn to the ground now theres just a space cryptlooking and ghastly where it was sweetcoloured pink and palest white faraway theres a man who sits in a jail at night O terrifying with the fierce dogs prowling the perimeter hes crumpled in fear his nightshirt and pillow drenched with sweat pissyellow his eyes are widestaring Im sure the way Hamlets were when he saw the pale figure of the king the very same as the bars slide open hes harrowed with fear and wonder and the girls come in all dreadful dressed in wet leaves and dirt leaving a trail of water a tributary and one is bald another in pieces the thirds face all burned their eyesockets empty but theres vermin like worms and small spiderish bugs web their bony fingers reaching theyre falling on him and hes screaming tragic sounds hes sorry hes sorry theyre pulling him apart and its a whirl except his mouth open a black O the last panels this guard Im remembering he sees an empty bed and one weed dropped by the bars a fern I think green and delicate hes fearstruck theyve left a picture in their place its drawn in blood and hes staring up his keys fallen clink clink its these plumred angels rising high over this empty space where theres a burial mound like a dogs but staked with crossed spikes one theyve left white and with moistened hands made the other a faint belladonna pink.

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