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Download Partitioned lives: narratives of home, displacement, and by Anjali Gera Roy, Nandi Bhatia PDF

By Anjali Gera Roy, Nandi Bhatia

Essays by means of major experts on partition, communalism, ladies, Sikhs

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Since the initiation of the GAP in 1985, numerous scholars have investigated the environmental degradation of the Ganges and other rivers, and the various reasons responsible for it. 15 Two of the most important scholarly studies are Kelly D. Alley’s On the Banks of the Ganga (2002) and Lena Zühlke’s Verehrung und Verschmutzung des Ganges (2013), which both offer in-depth analyses based on a wide range of source material, while keeping a particular focus on discourses around purity and pollution.

To them I dedicate this book. A. C. Indian Advisory Committee IMS Indian Medical Service IOR India Office Records NAI National Archives of India NGRBA National Ganga River Basin Authority NWP North-Western Provinces of Agra and Oudh NWPNR North-Western Provinces of Agra and Oudh Newspaper Reports Prgs Proceedings Secy Secretary UP United Provinces of Agra and Oudh UPSA Uttar Pradesh State Archives UPSA(V) Uttar Pradesh State Archives: Regional Archives, Varanasi Introduction India is facing an acute river pollution crisis these days.

This overwhelming preoccupation with productivity and production left little room for environmental concerns. Industrialisation, coupled with massive population growth and urbanisation, put unprecedented pressures on the environment by accelerating the overuse and pollution of natural resources. As a result, immense amounts of human, industrial and agricultural wastes got dumped into water bodies, and most of India’s major streams turned into nothing short of sewers. 22 However, in order to uncover the roots of independent India’s river pollution crisis we have to look more deeply into the past.

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