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Download Packaging of High Power Semiconductor Lasers by Xingsheng Liu PDF

By Xingsheng Liu

This booklet introduces excessive energy semiconductor laser packaging layout. The demanding situations of the layout and diverse packaging and trying out options are distinct by way of the authors. New applied sciences and present functions are defined intimately.

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They are shown in Fig. 21 [13]. From Fig. 21, a typical MCC cooler is made up of five thin copper foils. 6 mm. As shown in Fig. 21, the coolant inlet is divided into small channels, and the size is much larger than the channel of MCC. So debris blockage is not as much a concern from electrochemical erosion and corrosion. Industrial tap water may be used and deionized water is not needed. The benefit of MaCC cooling cost is much lower than MCC. In addition, due to the simple structure of MaCC, it is easier to produce and modify than MCC.

19 [36]. 3 High Power Designs and Considerations 17 tapered diode laser bar 1 2 broad area diode laser bar 3 n demitter 1 2 3 demitter pitch n pitch tapered diode laser single emitter dridge emitter source slow virtual emitter source slow lridge θ ltapered structure n dastigmatism emitter source fast output facet demitter Fig. 19 Lateral structure of a tapered diode laser bar (top left) compared to a broad area diode laser bar (top right) [36] In contrast to a broad area multimode emitter, the single emitter of a tapered diode laser bar consists of a small ridge waveguide followed by a tapered amplifier section.

As shown in the figure, the metallization layer is divided by insulation groves, and the cathode and anode are designed on this layer. The mounting substrate is also used to isolate the heat sink. Each of the laser chips is serially wire-bonded to the carrier. A packaging structure based on the carrier has been designed and is shown in Fig. 11 [5]. The packaging structure which is similar to that of F-mount has an insulation sheet between the heat sink and electrodes, and the heat dissipation path is along the vertical direction.

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