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Download Optical Fibre Devices by J.P Goure PDF

By J.P Goure

This e-book displays the enormous growth made within the sector of optical fibers and offers for the 1st time a scientific description of linear and non-linear fiber units, together with fiber couplers, splices, connectors, multiplexers, switches, and modulators. basically geared toward complex undergraduate and graduate scholars in optics, optoelectronics, utilized physics, and electric and digital engineering, this booklet serves as a worthy reference for scientists and engineers operating in optoelectronics and similar fields in and educational. issues contain coupling, units according to coupling impression with non-polarized gentle, units utilizing polarized mild, units in response to nonlinearities, and units according to infrequent earth doped fibers.

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Pitch ffi pffiffiffiAffi quarter p ffiffiffiffi lens has a length z ¼ Z=4 ¼ p=2 A and r2 ¼ y1 =n1 A, y2 ¼ Àn1 Ar1 . An important factor in judging the transmittance quality of the branching components is the coupling efficiency. It may be reduced by aberrations, mismatch losses, misalignment losses and crosstalk. In fibre devices using GRIN rod lenses, the lenses form an image of an input fibre end face (or LD) on an output fibre end face. Aberrations broaden that image, reducing the efficiency. Approximate expressions for aberration losses due to mismatch and misalignment for branching components, crosstalk due to reflection at the endface of rod lenses, as a function of the basic lens and fibres parameters, can be obtained using ray tracing calculations, geometrical optics, Gaussian beams and aberration theory results (Maekawa and Azuma 1987, Tomlinson 1980, Chen et al.

1977, Verrier and Goure 1987, Sakai and Kimura 1978). Let us consider the case of two identical step-index fibres carrying a beam of incoherent light. 15a).

6. Hyperbolic profiled NIO concentrator with end diameters 2a1 and 2a2 . A beam of diameter j1 with a divergence angle y1 is concentrated into a beam of diameter j2 with a divergence angle y2 [After Moleshi et al. 1989]. a special tool. The lens is made by dipping the top of the cleaved taper in molten high index glass. The taper is lifted out immediately after contact with the molten glass. 5f a moulded micro-Fresnel lens (MFL) fabrication process is shown. By electron beam lithography, a master lens is drawn and a stamper is made by a nickel electro-forming method.

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