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Download On Record: Rock, Pop and the Written Word by Simon Frith, Andrew Goodwin PDF

By Simon Frith, Andrew Goodwin

Vintage sociological analyses of 'deviance' and uprising; stories of know-how; subcultural and feminist readings, semiotic and musicological essays and shut readings of stars, bands and the enthusiasts themselves through Adorno, Barthes and different famous participants

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At the same time the teenage magazines have to some extent institutionalized fan club behavior in their pages. ” The same contrived intimacy is characteristic of teenage films—the Cliff Richard films, The Young Ones and Summer Holiday, are good examples of the deliberate manufacturing of this mood. Because of its high emotional content, teenage culture is essentially nonverbal. It is more naturally expressed in music, in dancing, in dress, in certain habits of walking and standing, in certain facial expressions and “looks,” or in idiomatic slang.

There are many forces at work which inhibit any judgment whatsoever: pop music is regarded as the exclusive property of the teenager, admission to outsiders reserved. In these terms, disqualification is by age limit. But, of course, this is nonsense. Like any other popular commercial music, teenage pop is light entertainment music, intended for dancing, singing, leisure, and enjoyment. It differs in character, but not in kind, from other sorts of popular music which have provided a base for commercial entertainment since the advent of jazz, and before.

0 *The base for this table consists of all the songs (290) published in the four magazines, including duplications. 9 (Hit Parader) are significant at the 5 percent level. No other differences in the table are significant at the 5 percent level. ” In the earlier scenes of the drama, one lover is characteristically “ahead” in moving toward increasing intimacy and commitment while the other lags behind. Both parties to this changing and tense relationship are provided with an appropriate rhetoric—the one with devices of persuasion and reassurance, the other with ways of saying, “Go slow.

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