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Download On Aristotle Physics 8.1-5 (Ancient Commentators on by Simplicius PDF

By Simplicius

During this remark on Aristotle Physics e-book 8, chapters one to 5, the sixth-century thinker Simplicius costs and explains very important fragments of the Presocratic philosophers, presents the fragments of his Christian opponent Philoponus' opposed to Aristotle at the Eternity of the realm, and makes vast use of the misplaced statement of Aristotle's major defender, Alexander of Aphrodisias.

This quantity includes an English translation of Simplicius' vital observation, in addition to a close creation, explanatory notes and a bibliography.

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But he also proves this by another approach: assuming potentially beforehand that things that naturally cause motion in contrary directions, with the objects in motion remaining the same, must themselves undergo change when causing these contrary motions, he then assumes by division that of things that cause motion, some cause one simple motion, as fire heats and snow cools, and others [cause] contrary motions, as knowledge [moves] the soul toward the true and the false, when the virtuous man deliberately errs in order to deceive someone.

For if, he says, the 25 heavens temporally pre-exist circular motion, such motion could not be everlasting. But he reasoned fallaciously, by taking the everlasting circular motion to subsist all at once as a whole in its infinity, and thus supposing that the heavens pre-exist it in time, and he thinks he can conclude that the circular motion is not everlasting, since it has something pre-existing it in time. But what should have been supposed was not everlasting motion qua subsisting all at once and infinite, but as 1132,1 having its being everlasting in becoming ad infinitum.

But such is motion, which is a mixture of both, so that in the case of motion that is transformative, it is true to say that what naturally tends to be moved must exist prior 15 to motion, whether it is moved in a passive or an active way. 251a16-28 Therefore, these things must also [have come into being, [after] not existing at a given moment, or be eternal. If, however, each mobile came into being, before the one taken, another change and motion must have occurred, by which what is capable of being moved or causing motion came into being.

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