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OECD’s periodic evaluation of India’s financial system. This variation contains chapters masking monetary coverage, strength subsidies, monetary reform, and schooling.

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In many countries, administrative costs have been minimised through the use of automatic payment to beneficiary bank or postal accounts. The scale and coverage of CCT schemes varies considerably. In some cases they cover a large proportion of the population and are integrated within a broader social welfare system. Elsewhere, they have been introduced to aid specific groups, including extremely poor households, which may be relatively small in number. Participation in most CCT schemes is restricted to the poor, thereby minimising outlays.

Nevertheless, outlays are relatively small at around ½ per cent of GDP. Over time these schemes have evolved and been augmented to help achieve specific objectives. For example a new initiative was introduced alongside the Oportunidades to help boost secondary school completion rates (Schwellnus, 2009). The empirical evidence on the impact of CCTs continues to mount, with many initiatives having been evaluated using a variety of methods. As many schemes have been in place for a number of years, evidence is also beginning to emerge on their longer-term impact.

They would enable the company to sustain artificially low prices below its true costs and so generate unfair competition for its rivals. One route for avoiding this outcome might be city-by-city sales of networks to private-sector companies. Electricity The electricity-generating industry has also undergone fundamental changes in recent years. It used to be dominated by state electricity boards. The 2003 Electricity Act, however, set the ground for a competitive market, splitting the boards into separate distribution, transmission and generation companies.

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