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If one measures the energy shift from the center of gravity of the multiplet, the perturbation energy is made u p of the following interactions : the interaction between nucleus and electrons (the effect of an electric quadrupole moment will be neglected), the interaction between electrons and external magnetic field, and the interaction between nuclear magnetic and external magnetic field. For weak and strong fields one obtains exactly the relations derived in (a) and (b), respectively. (But in Eq.

Technique of Atomic and Molecular Beam Experiments (Es 46, Sm 55, Ra 55) An atomic or molecular beam apparatus for the determination of nuclear moments by means of magnetic fields comprises a beam source, a set of diaphragms, a magnetic field system, and a detector. If the beam is formed from condensable vapors, the beam source consists of a small electric oven. If the jaws of the oven slit have a wedge-shaped profile with sharp edges, the angular velocity distribution of the stream of particles leaving the oven closely approximates a cosine law in the polar angle.

The magnitude of the deflection of the various components depends on the value of μζ. Thus, it can happen t h a t one pair remains undeflected when the corresponding μχ curves pass through zero. TABLE 3. VALUES x m OF F I E L D PARAMETER FOR / 1 V. 0 . 333 3 CORRESPONDING DIFFERENT 5 /2 TO Z E R O VALUES OF μχ J 7 4 */. 2 0 The behavior in a strong field is quite different ; only two beams are observed which are placed symmetrically about the undeflected one, since the (21 + 1) components of each beam coincide (Stern-Gerlach experiment).

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