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By L. Petech

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Gruel. To the west [of the trce] of the six years, there is a dIstance of five li from the city. To the east of the tree upon the stream 15 the place where the Buddha went to bathe. He ascended the bank to the east. lii ~1 f~ (nyl1grodba) tree. she flf ~ (Sujata) offered hun the gruel there. Then crossing the stream westwards. to tree. He defeated Mara and reached Buddhahood. m Also the distances and directions of the Shih/shih Hsi. yii,chi are new. It is interesting to note that it agrees with the Lalita" vis tara in placing the bathing spot of the Buddha to the east of the theatre of his penances in Uruvela, while Eyhsien places it to the west.

L} In no canonical text anything is found which may recall our Litvsha. 7b I 17. t. One may travel by cart or on hor~eback, but there 15 no watel route. The whole k1l1gdom honours the Buddha. They had a monk; when he died be was to be cremated. For the crematlon more than one thousand faggots [were employed], but stIli he sat 111 the mIdst of the file. So they took hIm Ol1t and placed hIm insIde a Stone bmld1l1g, and 5111ce that Ume for about slxty years the corpse remained as before, Without being corrupted ehu ehih saw It with his own eyes.

I (X9;>,9) 3) P. C. MUKHERJI. Antiqtlities ill the Tarai (AS! Report vol. XXVI, Part I). Calcutta, IgOr. L. PETECH there is now a slab coveting them. it makes no diffclence. And agam, people may covet them thickly wltb several1ayers of heavy cotton (karpasa) and fasten these on the chiseled stone; and yet, [the marks] shme through them and are even brIghter than before. According to the Afokiivadiina, king Asoka came to the place and prostrated himself before the seven footmarks. I) But his encasing of them is mentioned nowhere else but here.

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