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Download Neuroendocrinology of Gastrointestinal Ulceration by P. Holzer, I. Th. Lippe, M. Jocič, Ch. Wachter, R. Amann, M. PDF

By P. Holzer, I. Th. Lippe, M. Jocič, Ch. Wachter, R. Amann, M. A. Pabst, A. Heinemann (auth.), Sandor Szabo, Yvette Taché, Gary B. Glavin (eds.)

Neuroendocrine components in Ulcer Pathogenesis: function of Sensory Neurons within the keep an eye on of Gastric Mucosal Blood movement and safety; P.Holzer, et al. Sympathoadrenergic legislation of Duodenal Mucosal Alkaline Secretion; L. Fandriks, C. Jönson.Potentiation ofIntestinal Secretory Responses to Histamine: Pathophysiological Implications; P. Rangachari, et al.Braingut Interactions in UlcerPathogenesis: Neuroendocrine keep an eye on of Gastric Acid Secretion; Y.Osumi. Corticotropinreleasing consider Stressinduced adjustments in Gastrointestinal Transit; T. Burks. rigidity, Corticotrophinreleasing issue; (CRF) and Gastric functionality; H. Weiner.Novel TherapeuticApproaches to Gastrointestinal Ulceration: The Gastric Mucosal Barrier: A Dynamic, Multifunctional method; A. Garner, et al.NewApproaches to Gastroprotection: Calcium Modulators; G.B. Glavin, A.M.Hall.Efficacy of Dopaminergic brokers in Peptic Ulcer therapeutic andRelapse Prevention: extra Indication of the significance of abdominal Dopamine within the Stressorganoprotection notion; P. Sikiric, et al.Dietary elements Influencing Gastrointestinal Ulceration: The Luminal Regulatory procedure; F. Guarner, et al. 14 extra articles. Index.

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I. I. 10- 5 M ~ His! ® His! I I 10- 4 M ® Hydroxyl Figure 2. Responses to histamine (10. 5 M) fade after an initial peak. A second addition of histamine (10. 5 M) produces a much smaller response. However, the addition of hydroxylamine (10. 4 M) produces a marked secondary increase in short-circuit current. (Note, this concentration of hydroxylamine would have elicited marginal effects on its own. See Fig. ) It is interesting to reflect on the potential significance of these observations. Hydroxylamines can be produced endogenously not only by mammalian cells but also by intestinal bacteria9,1O.

14. M. N. , Astemizole: A review of its pharmacodynamic properties and therapeutic efficacy. Drugs. 28:38 (1984). 42 THE DEVELOPMENT OF ACUTE GASTRIC MUCOSAL LESIONS FOLLOWING BURN STRESS Masaki Kitajima, Masashi Yoshida, Yoshihide Otani and Kouichiro Kumai The stomach has many physiological functions, such as acid and pepsin secretion, mucus production and motility, which are supposed to be regulated by gastric mucosal blood flow. Therefore, blood flow is an extremely important defensive factor for the gastric mucosa.

Infusion of HCl for 2 h produced gastric ulcers, with an ulcer index which was significantly higher than that of the saline-infused controls (Table SA). 36 Table 4. v. v. infusion A. B. 3**+++ Values are the means t SEM of 12 rats in each group. 001, compared with the corresponding control in A. 001, compared with its own control at 0 h. Table 5. The Effects of HCI or NaHC0 3 Treatment on Gastric Glandular Ulceration and Luminal Acidity Treatment groups (Lv. 2 mllh for 2 h) A. B. 06+ Restrained at 4'C for 2 h Values are the means ± SEM of 8 rats in each group.

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