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By Mark Walker

During this publication, Mark Walker - a historic student of Nazi technological know-how - brings to mild the overpowering influence of Hitler's regime on technological know-how and, eventually, at the pursuit of the German atomic bomb. Walker meticulously attracts on countless numbers of unique files to ascertain the position of German scientists within the upward thrust and fall of the 3rd Reich. He investigates no matter if so much German scientists in the course of Hitler's regime enthusiastically embraced the tenets of nationwide Socialism or cooperated in a Faustian pact for monetary help, which contributed to nationwide Socialism's working rampant and culminated within the rape of Europe and the genocide of thousands of Jews. This paintings unravels the myths and controversies surrounding Hitler's atomic bomb undertaking. It presents a glance at what strangely became out to be an Achilles' heel for Hitler - the misuse of technology and scientists within the provider of the 3rd Reich.

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98 Giirtner responded by going over Sollinger's offenses in detail, Sollinger had been sentenced by the special court in Munich in October 1934 to eight months imprisonment for resisting the state's authority and causing dangerous bodily harm. On 20 August 1934, when police commissioner Betz announced the curfew in the local tavern, Sollinger refused to go home. Betz was then brutally beaten and stabbed by Sollinger and others. Wagner advised Sollinger to ignore the sentence. When the party leader told Gurtner that the sentence could not be carried out at that time for reasons of state and party, the Justice Minister agreed.

103 Stark's first reaction to his threatened expulsion was to demand that the court secure and examine the files from the previous court cases he had brought against Endros and the counter-suit Endros had brought in turn, as well as the Sollinger records. 104 A few days later Stark went further and applied for Wagner's expulsion from the NSDAP, an extremely unlikely outcome which either demonstrated Stark's fearlessness, his rage, or his naivete1. The physicist accused Wagner of vile defamation of character and damaging the prestige of National Socialism in the Sollinger case.

Stark thereby rejected the two most common National Socialist attitudes to physics (or indeed to science): either (1) an opportunistic approach, whereby if scientists and science were useful for the state, then they would be used; or (2) an idealistic approach, whereby a Jewish scientist was a Jew first— and therefore an enemy of Germany—and scientist second. Since Stark fell in neither camp, he could be sure of support from neither. When his comrade-in-arms Lenard criticized Stark for publishing in what he called the "Jewish journal" Nature, Stark's growing alienation and bitterness became crystal clear.

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