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By Isaac Kehimkar

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In an innovative and elaborate analysis that combines archival research and ethnological fieldwork, Nicholas Dirks has traced the rise of the Tondaimans from petty chiefs with a reputation for banditry to little kings. 55 Eventually Pudukkottai became a theatre state as hegemonic British colonial officials directed rituals and bestowed honours in a play devoid of actual participation by the subordinate Pudukkottai prince. 52 53 54 Kate Brittlebank, Tipu Sultan’s Search for Legitimacy: Islam and Kingship in a Hindu Domain (Delhi, 1997).

By 1763 Mamola Begum emerged as the de facto ruler of this state and remained so until the 1780s. 46 However, because its greatest territorial and governmental expansion occurred from the late seventeenth century onward, Mysore seems more similar to warrior/conquest states such as Bhopal. Located in peninsular India, the rulers of Mysore were 43 44 45 46 E. I. Brodkin, ‘Rampur, Rohilkhand, and Revolt: The Pathan Role in 1857’, IBR 15 (1988), pp. 15–30. Stewart Gordon, ‘Legitimacy and Loyalty in Some Successor States of the Eighteenth Century’, in Richards, Kingship, p.

Joan L. Erdman, Patrons and Performers in Rajasthan: The Subtle Tradition (Delhi, 1985), p. 29; Sten Åke Nilsson, ‘Jaipur: In the Sign of Leo’, Magasin Tessin 1 (1987), pp. 49–51. Erdman, Patrons, p. 42. 20 Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 princely states prior to 1800 Amber Palace with view towards Jaigarh Fort. Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 View of planned city of Jaipur. Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 princely states prior to 1800 state during the thirteenth century.

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