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Download Meta-Luxury: Brands and the Culture of Excellence by Ricca Manfredi Robins Rebecca PDF

By Ricca Manfredi Robins Rebecca

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What is it that makes craftsmanship ultimately desirable and valuable? First and foremost, there is a specific meaning and value that as customers we attribute to objects that encapsulate the history and the continuity of competences that have been built over time. As human beings, we simply seem to value more highly the results of a continued commitment to delivering superb products. A possible interpretation of this lies in the fact that we regard such commitment as being directed towards our own individual needs and desires.

There is an equal measure of precision and passion in the way in which Dr Scott recounts his thoughts. Words, clearly, matter to him and it is no surprise when he comes to reveal one of his most personal luxuries. ‘One of my true luxuries is buying books. Books are something that I treasure as objects as well as reading material – although the greater luxury these days is having the time to read them! Perhaps time is our greatest luxury of all. The paradox is that many of the products that I own – and value – are intended to speed up our lives and in so doing, to free up our time.

I was amazed – and he was, too, when I told him that this was, in fact, Francescatti’s violin. I was playing, but his sound was what was coming out. Today, many years on, that man wouldn’t make the same remark. ’ The subject of sound leads us to discuss ‘another form of luxury that as a musician I have the privilege to enjoy – the opportunity to work on the masterpieces of the great composers. For instance, delving deep into the works of Beethoven. Mind you, it is not just about the beauty of the score itself, but about the fact of bringing it to life again.

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