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Download Meningitis: cellular and molecular basis by Myron Christodoulides PDF

By Myron Christodoulides

This e-book describes the anatomy of the meninges and the scientific signs of meningitis attributable to bacterial (mostly), viral, and fungal pathogens. person organisms that reason meningitis around the world are handled in particular chapters, describing intimately how those pathogens have interaction with the human host at either molecular and mobile degrees. It presents an intensive knowing of bacterial virulence components, adhesion and invasion mechanisms, the character of identified host cellphone receptors and the host mobile reaction. on hand In Print

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Anatomical arrangement of the spinal meninges. (A) The spinal cord is at the centre of a tube filled with CSF and coated on its outer aspect by (B) the dura mater. (C) The parietal arachnoid mater adheres to the inner aspect of the dura mater, although they can be easily separated. (D) Perforated sheets of arachnoid mater form intermediate layers of leptomeninges on the dorsal aspect of the spinal cord. g. dorsolateral ligaments) of the spinal cord are formed by sheets of perforated arachnoid as they connect intermediate layers of arachnoid together.

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