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By Masaaki Kitahara (auth.), Masaaki Kitahara M.D. (eds.)

A disorder of unknown foundation - this can be the problem provided via Ménière's ailment and brought up via best clinicians and scientists, contributors and coworkers of The Vestibular illness examine Committee geared up through The Ministry of future health and Welfare, Japan. They discover the pathophysiology, prognosis and remedy of Ménière's illness to aid physicians confronted with treating this intractable disease. experts investigating the etiology of the disorder will welcome those experiences which transparent the image for destiny research.

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This finding is most Jun Kusakari et al. 52 frequently observed in animals 1 week postoperatively (8 animals out of 9), and the incidence decreased thereafter [5]. This result may reflect the phenoplenon relating to the pressure in the endolymphatic space. Further discussion on this phenomenon will be presented later (see "Effect of Intra-Cochlear Pressure"). Glycerol Effect It is widely known that glycerol improves the hearing of patients with Meniere's disease at an early stage. v. administration of 3 gjkg glycerol [4, 8].

Summarizing these results, the surgically induced hydropic ear exhibits many audiological findings which are frequently observed in Meniere's disease in humans. Summating Potential Electrocochleograms of Meniere's disease frequently show the dominant negative summating potential (DNSP) which appears as a negative deflection before the AP wave-form. In normal guinea pigs, the polarity of a click-evoked summating potential (SP) is always positive when the potential is recorded at the round window.

A microscopic observation of the ruptured margins showed that this defect of the membrane was not an artifact. The otolith and otolith membrane were lost, while their fragmented tissues were present within the saccule near the saccular duct (Fig. 8). The macula sacculi became thin and sensory cells and nerve fibers decreased in number. In the cochlea, Reissner's membrane was extended and partially depressed, but it was not ruptured (Fig. 9). The saccular wall was ruptured. These findings suggest that endolymphatic hydrops of the pars inferior was present previous to a big volume loss.

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