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By James Schmidt

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It is a transcendental philosophy which places in abeyance the assertions arising out of the natural attitude ... but it is also a philosophy for which the world is always 'already there' before reflection begins- as an inalienable presence ... It is the search for a philosophy which shall be a 'rigorous science', but it also offers an account of space, time, and the world as we 'live' them. It tries to give a direct description of our experience as it is, 36 Maurice Merleau-Ponty without taking account of its psychological origin and the causal explanations which the scientist, the historian or the sociologist may be able to provide.

It is not a 'higher point of view' from which ooe embraces all local perspectives. It seeks contact with brute being, and in any case informs itself in the company of those who have never lost that contact. It is just that whereas literature, art, and the practice of life ... can (except at their extreme limits) have and create the illusion of dwelling in the habitual and the already constituted, philosophy- which paints without colors and in black and white 38 Maurice Merleau-Ponty like copperplate engravings - does not allow us to ignore the strangeness of the world, which men confront as well as or better than it does, but as if in half-silence.

Began the critique of psychological analyses of logical categories that would become the 'Prolegomena to Pure Logic', the first volume of his Logical Investigations (1900). The book won him an early reputation, in France and elsewhere, as a thinker squarely within the tradition of Frege, Bertrand Russell, and Anton Cournot. 68 But, in the six investigations which made up the second volume (1901), Husser! appeared to many critics to have lapsed back into his old ways. 69 While Husser! denied that psychology could clarify the origins of logical categories, he still maintained that epistemological criticism had to consist of a 'descriptive examination of .

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