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By Anupama Roy

The ebook discusses how educational discourse has conceptualized citizenship . It indicates how the legal-juridical frameworks of club have attempted to deal with the drawback engendered by way of this conceptualization which labored by way of aside from convinced groups. Readership: scholars, lecturers, and researchers of legislations, political technology, sociology, heritage, improvement experiences, and human rights; and social activists

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Born in Calcutta in February 1935, she would have been an lndian citizen at the commencement of the Constitution, had she not been a mlnor then. While Anjali and her mother had continued to reside in Calcutta after 1947, her father had settled in Dacca and was, therefore, a Pakistan1 national. Being a minor at the commencement of the Republic, Anjali's nationality followed that of her father, and she continued to be a Pakistani national residing in I n d a till she married Sudhir Kumar Roy, an 'Indian citizen by birth', in December 1953, and became eligible for registration as an Indian citizen (Express letter no.

File no. ) It is interesting how the 'wives', or Pakistani women marrying Indian nationals, constituted a substantial proportion of women registering as citizens under section 5(l)(c) of the Citizenship Act of 1955. The Pakistani women who travelled to India with their families on short term visas to get married to, or after their marriage with Indian men, occupied the transitional/liminal space between the closure to Indan citizenship for Pakistani citizens whlch the Constitution prescribed, and its conditional opening up under the Citizenship Act, for women who married Indian men.

It11 her t\vo son\. pritam Singh cl;lirncci that , \ m a r I<:~urhaci left tier f i ~ r r n c rhusI)and six years before Partition and h:~tlsince em1,raccd Sikhism and married him. \mar I\aur \\-:~s:Ln al,tiuctcd person w h o had 'expresscd her \villingncs~'r o g o tc) I':~l

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