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By Padmasambhava; Jamgon Kongtrul

Mild of knowledge Vol IV (Rangjung Yeshe guides)

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IV At this time all projecting and gathering of thoughts I Dissolve in naked self-cognizance, like water and its waves. I Like the flame of a lamp, motionless when free from wind, I You abide one-pointedly yet know the nature of the abiding. I Though knowing, there is no fixation, though cognizant there is no diffusion. I Though not conceptualizing, there is no clinging to that. I Thus, when meditation and post-meditation have become a unity,l During all daily activities, in dharmata's continuous display,l Let go completely, without clinging to the six objects.

I 57 LIGHT OF WISDOM VOL. IV The innermost, the all-ground, is a cognizant and nonconceptual state. I This view is the all-doer, the original awakened mind. I The path of the natural Great Perfection - the summit of the vehicles that transcends effort and striving, something to be discarded and its antidote, sidetracks and obscurations - is the domain of worthy ones with extremely sharp faculties whose different levels of capacity bring forth three distinct perspectives. " For this, regard all external perceived objects, which include all that appears and exists, samsara and nirvana, to be the expressions of your own mind and as having no existence whatsoever besides being your own mind -just like the perception of objects in dreams.

I Thus, you reach the exhaustion of phenomena beyond concepts, attain the primordial siddhi, I And the ground-displays that manifested from the ground dissolve within the sphere. I Through the supplements of the path, the support instructions, I Lay the basis for practice and actualize the full measure of liberation. I However, if you do not attain liberation within this lifetime, I In the bardo of dying, let awareness enter the sphere of space; I In the bardo of dharmata, liberate personal perceptions in their nature; I In the bardo of becoming, journey to a nirmanakaya realm.

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