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Il y a des pictures propres à représenter los angeles honte et, à côté, des photos éhontées, enfin des photos qui éprouvent, en leurs plis, l. a. honte. Dira-t-on que notre tradition se plaît à jouer avec l’impudeur, l’opprobre, l’abjection? Cherche-t-elle à les piéger ou à les exalter? Que signifie los angeles tentation du snuff motion picture: ces movies «interdits» qui veulent capter le travail du trépas sur les visages ou dans les postures ultimes, et ainsi porter atteinte à ce qui est au plus profond de l’être, à l’identitaire?Aux multiples domaines de l’art s’appliquent les diverses interrogations propres aux sciences humaines: histoire des mentalités, esthétique, psychanalyse.

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Green and Goldberg suggested that the increase in hydrogen-ion concentration might inhibit the synthesis of cellular protein, and hence mitosis, but that the increase of lactate ion might specifically stimulate collagen synthesis. Green and Hamerman (1964) noted also that the 3T6 line of cells was capable of synthesizing an hexuronic acid containing polysaccharide ; since both streptococcal and testicular hyaluronidase degraded the polysaccharide, they assumed it consisted essentially of hyaluronate.

G. FINE-STRUCTURE OF FIBROGENIC CELLS Certain features of the fine-structure of cells in culture have been described earlier in this chapter. The purpose now is to discuss briefly certain points in the cytoplasmic morphology of those cells in culture which are held to be directly concerned in the production of intercellular material. Steams (1940) reported the presence of cytoplasmic granules in fibroblasts of healing wounds in the ears of rabbits and suggested they were directly concerned in the formation of collagen fibres.

They suggested that the sulphate was being used in the assembly of macromolecular components of the ground substance ; that the non-collagenous protein is probably synthesized before the polysaccharide moiety of the chondroitin sulphate-protein complex is indicated by the work of Telser, Robinson 1. MOLECULAR ORGANIZATION OF CELLS AND TISSUES 47 and Dorfman (1965). At present, therefore, the balance of evidence favours the view that the Golgi zone is not directly concerned in either a definitive step in the synthesis of collagen, or in the transport of collagenous protein through the cell.

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