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By Haiyin Sun

A sensible advisor to Lens Design specializes in the very targeted useful strategy of lens layout. each step from setup standards to finalizing the layout for creation is mentioned in a straightforward, tangible approach. layout examples of a number of well-known sleek lenses are supplied. Optics fundamentals are brought and easy services of Zemax are defined. Zemax can be used through the e-book.

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22) are applicable to mirrors too. 30, we considered M Lo = − M La for simplicity. 6 GAUSSIAN OPTICS AND LASER BEAMS Lasers are widely used in many fields. Laser beams often need be manipulated for effective use. Most laser beams can be approximately described by Gaussian optics. Gaussian optics is a type of wave optics and is very different from geometric optics. Here we use a separate section to discuss Gaussian optics. 27) is the “Rayleigh range,” M2 is the M-square factor, λ is the wavelength, w(z) is the 1/e2 intensity radius of the beam at z, R(z) is the beam wavefront curvature radius at z, I(r,z) is the beam intensity radial distribution in a cross-section plane at z, r is the radial coordinate in a cross-section plane at z, and I0(z) is the beam peak intensity in a cross section plane at z.

2, respectively. 633 µm. We can see that R(z) has the minimum value RMin at z = z R. 2, respectively. 633 µm. 33, only the scales are different. 1 Thin Lens Equation The concepts and methods for analyzing the effects of a lens on optical rays can be adapted to analyze the effects of a lens on a laser beam. 2, respectively. The dotted lines are the asymptote lines of w(z) and define the far-field divergences of the beam. (b) R(z)~z curve for the same two laser beams. The minimum value of R(z) appears at z = z R.

The remaining 16% energy spreads in the side lobes. 18. 18 A lens focuses a beam. The dashed lines are the result of geometric optics. The geometric spot size for an aberration free lens is infinitely small. The solid curves are the result of wave optics. The diffraction will divert the beam. The real smallest possible focused spot size is the Airy disk size 2a that is exaggerated here for clarity. 19 (a) Simulated two-dimensional circular diffraction pattern. (b) Intensity profile of a circular diffraction.

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