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By Steven B. Larkin

It's anticipated that ongoing advances in optics will revolutionise the twenty first century as they begun doing within the final region of the 20 th. Such fields as communications, fabrics technological know-how, computing and drugs are jumping ahead according to advancements in optics. This sequence provides innovative study on optics and lasers from researchers spanning the globe.

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The accuracy of the above-presented analysis must be considered before the results are used to apply to a particular experimental situation in NSOM. The slit model can be directly used for a 2-D NSOM-pulse system. The advantages and limitations of the two-dimensional-aperture model of a NSOM based on the non-resonance transmission of a continuous wave and a light pulse by a slit have been discussed in detail in the studies [5, 67] and [68, 69], respectively. We consider here only the most important questions associated with the limitations of our model.

The very recent study [41] only concerned the problem by regarding the total reflection of TE-polarized light by a grating of two-side-open slits to properties of the independent slit emitters. In the present section, the forward and backward scattering of light by a two-side-open subwavelength slit is analyzed. To compare properties of the light reflection with the extraordinary transmission [17, 18, 59], we consider the scattering of TM-polarized light by a slit in a thick metallic film of perfect conductivity.

17, 18, 38]. The shifts of the resonance wavelengths from the Fabry-Perot resonances are caused by the wavelength dependent terms in the denominator of Eq. 42. It should be noted that the values of the shifts calculated using Eq. 42 are in good agreement with the shifts calculated using the analytical formula (8) of the study [17]. Our computations showed that the peak R heights at the main (strongest) resonant wavelength λR 0 (in the case of Fig. 17, λ0 = 500 or R R 800 nm) are given by Tcw (λ0 , a)≈λ0 /2πa.

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