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By Thomas R. Trautmann

British rule of India introduced jointly very various traditions of scholarship approximately language, whose conjuncture ended in numerous highbrow breakthroughs of lasting price. of those have been in particular vital: the conceptualization of the Indo-European language kinfolk by means of Sir William Jones at Calcutta in 1786—proposing that Sanskrit is expounded to Persian and languages of Europe—and the conceptualization of the Dravidian language family members of South India by means of F.W. Ellis at Madras in 1816—the “Dravidian proof,” displaying that the languages of South India are with regards to each other yet are usually not derived from Sanskrit. those options are legitimate nonetheless this day, centuries later. This publication keeps the exam Thomas R. Trautmann started in Aryans and British India (1997). whereas the former publication curious about Calcutta and Jones, the present quantity examines those advancements from the vantage of Madras, concentrating on Ellis, Collector of Madras, and the Indian students with whom he labored on the university of castle St. George, utilising the wealthy colonial list. Trautmann concludes by way of exhibiting how components of the Indian research of language were folded into historic linguistics and proceed within the current as unseen yet however dwelling components of the modern.

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Nevertheless, Marsden had accomplished a basic demonstration of the relatedness of many of the languages making up the Malayo-Polynesian family, mostly from materials collected by himself, as he says, from the mouths of natives (excepting those for Savu and Tahitian) and not from books. It was a stunning accomplishment, equal in every way to Jones’s proposal of the Indo-European concept. Marsden’s discussion, brief as it is, throws much light on the underlying assumptions of the whole enterprise of collecting words against a standardized word list.

Comparative grammar followed, offering, if anything, a surer way into the native heart of languages. Already in Jones we see vocabulary and grammar providing evidence of historical relatedness among languages, and the comparative grammar of Indo-European was systematized by Franz Bopp, who made it his life’s work. The pairing of languages and nations or races, a strong tendency in biblical thought and in European thought from late antiquity, became intensified only at the moment when it was given a rational, scientific method, the method of the vocabulary.

V. ” His contribution to the question of Roma origins has not been previously noted. ” His request for information amounts to instruction to travelers about how such linguistic specimens should be collected (Leibniz 1718:49). , Slavic) family, and of the Wallachians, Cettos and Livonians, Turks, Persians, and Chinese. He asks for texts with interlinear translations into languages known to Europeans. But he also asks—and this seems to be new—for “a few examples of their words, expressing common things,” which he spells out in detail: Names of numbers: one, two, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 1000.

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