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Knife throwing is just one facet of Tanto-jitsu (knife art), which is in turn only one facet of The Way.

But one thing must be remembered: NEVER USE REAL KNIVES WHILE PRACTICING WITH LIVE OPPONENTS. 3) to fashion appropriate practice weapons out of soft wood, plastic or hard rubber. Other designs can be invented, but they should fly well, similar to a real throwing knife, and they should not have sharp points. A crude, but effective training weapon can also be made from cutting a 1/2 inch diameter dowel rod into 10 to 12 inch lengths and rounding the ends. Such training weapons will not fly exactly like throwing knives, but the flight characteristics will be close enough.

Once Ninja have mastered the basic skills at ten feet, and have begun training with live targets, at least twice each week (two of the three weekly training sessions), they should still throw two hundred knives at their target. Mark or stake off distances of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 feet from the target. Some of the longer ranges will be difficult to manage inside. This can also be performed with tape on floors or bright spray paint on grass. The tape can always be removed from the floor, and the spray paint will eventually wear away on the grass.

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