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By Brian McGinty

Blending idealism with violence, abolitionist John Brown reduce a large swath around the usa ahead of finishing up in Virginia, the place he led an assault at the U.S. armory and arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Supported via a “provisional military” of 21 males, Brown was hoping to evoke the slaves in Virginia to uprising. yet he used to be fast captured and, after a brief yet stormy trial, hanged on December 2, 1859. Brian McGinty presents the 1st finished account of the trial, which raised very important questions on jurisdiction, judicial equity, and the character of treason below the yankee constitutional procedure. After the jury again its responsible verdict, an charm was once fast disposed of, and the governor of Virginia refused to furnish clemency. Brown met his loss of life no longer as an enemy of the yankee humans yet as an enemy of Southern slaveholders. Historians have lengthy credited the Harpers Ferry raid with rousing the rustic to a fever pitch of sectionalism and accelerating the onset of the Civil warfare. McGinty sees Brown’s trial, instead of his raid, because the genuine turning aspect within the fight among North and South. If Brown have been killed in Harpers Ferry (as he approximately was), or condemned to loss of life in a precis court-martial, his raid might have had little impact. simply because he survived to face trial earlier than a Virginia pass judgement on and jury, and argue the case opposed to slavery with an eloquence that reverberated all over the world, he grew to become a logo of the fight to abolish slavery and a martyr to the reason for freedom. (20090815)

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As Phelps neared the trestle that led 50 John Brown’s Trial up to the bridge entrance, he heard a gunshot, and Hayward Shepherd, the free black man who was the baggage master at the depot, came running after him with the news that he had been shot. Shepherd was taken back to the depot where, gravely wounded, he died the next morning. Thus, ironically, the first blood spilled in Harper’s Ferry was that of a man who belonged to the very race Brown had come to Harper’s Ferry to liberate. As morning approached, armory employees began to report for work, not suspecting that the complex had been seized by Brown and his men.

Blair agreed to make one thousand pikes, with double-edged knives mounted on the ends of six-foot-long wooden poles. 24 After a brief visit to New York City, Brown set out again for Kansas, armed with Sharps rifles and a modest supply of cash, obtained from New England abolitionists who had decided that his cause was worthy of their financial support. He began to grow a beard to help conceal his identity. He conferred with Hugh Forbes, an Englishman he had met in the East and asked him to train volunteers for the “provisional army” he would need to carry out his plan.

Thompson held a white flag aloft and took one of the hostages with him as he ventured forth. But the townspeople ignored the flag, seized Thompson, and hauled him off to the Wager House, where they bound him and put him under guard. Brown then ordered two more of his men (his son Watson and Aaron Stevens) to go outside with another white flag and another hostage and again seek a truce. As the three men emerged from the engine house, they encountered a hail of rifle shots, and Watson Brown and Stevens fell to the ground.

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