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By Berman B

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Soldiers at risk to keep oil flowing. S. government is spending $100 million to train battalions of troops in Columbia to protect oil pipelines there. It’s very clear that oil, because it’s the lifeblood of industrial society, is the key to geo-strategic politics. So let’s get off the stuff. Why are we propping up dictatorships and monarchies? Because they send us their oil. It doesn’t make sense in the long run. It doesn’t make sense in the short run. BB: I look at that challenge, and sometimes it seems insurmountable.

Then they’re going to have to take their car into the shop, the vehicle will be under warranty, and it’s going to cost the automaker money to check out the cause. BB: So one technology is largely waiting on another, which is cleaning up the fuels during the refining process. JK: Yes. com 35 out of its fuel. Interestingly, some vehicles, I believe Ford with its Focus PZEV, are said to be available nationwide. So maybe they’re confident in their after-treatment system, their catalytic converter. Or perhaps they’re saying it’s available nationwide, but only selling it regionally.

Louis to Chicago, New York to Chicago—and creating wind and solar power-generation capacity, putting new investment into hybrid cars. Hybrids show that this is not rocket science. It’s not Buck Rogers-type science fiction. It’s happening. It’s on the roads. The alternatives exist. They’re attractive and exciting, and we should be taking advantage of them. The auto industry spends $8 billion, with a "b," on advertising and marketing… I have yet to see a TV commercial dedicated solely to a hybrid vehicle.

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