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By Hojoo Lee

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Because of the deconcentration of industry, the racially changing neighborhoods bordering their communities, the problems of neighborhood crime, and the surplus of inner-city housing created William Julius Wilson 19 by the population shift to the suburbs, housing values in their neighborhoods have failed to keep pace with those in the suburbs. As the industries in which they are employed become suburbanized, a growing number of lower income whites in our central cities find that not only are they trapped in their neighborhoods because of the high costs of suburban housing, but they are also physically removed from job opportunities as well.

Another reason why government research funding has probably not had more impact on the discipline is that social scientists have been canny in reshaping government mandates to fit their own research priorities. When money was available for behavioral research on mental health, sociologists convinced funding bodies that they could advance mental health by studying neighborhood socialization patterns, assimilation of immigrants, dyadic relationships between marriage partners, and elite opinion leadership.

The authors hypothesize that one of the factors contributing to the "intensification of the finance orientation toward firms" was the "Reagan Administration's suspension of the antitrust laws and its tax policies in the early I980s," policies that reinforce the orientations of finance-oriented managers and institutional investors. The studies of both Knoke and Fligstein and Markowitz focus on the actions of powerful institutions and actors in the United States and provide perspectives that inform our understanding of the origins and direction of social policy.

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