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By David Pressman, Allan L. Grossberg (auth.), Fernand G. Péron, Burton V. Caldwell (eds.)

The major pursuits of the symposium upon which this quantity relies have been 1) to cement jointly wisdom almost immediately on hand within the box of antibodies to steroids and available in simple terms below separate covers in numerous journals and books, and a couple of) to offer new information that may bring about a extra whole realizing of physiologic phenomena like these happening throughout the menstrual cycle, or to the elucidation of the mechanisms inquisitive about steroid-protection interplay, or to the sensible program of immunologic ideas to measurements of steroid hor­ mones. those options are tremendous delicate and will degree degrees of steroid at the comparable order of value because the radioisotope tools. even if, the latter are even more exhausting and dear which limits their use in lots of situations to the study laboratory. however the immunologic innovations usually labeled as radioimmunoassay, are fraught with problems and difficulties which needs to be triumph over. thankfully, possibly, the topic of immunologic ideas as utilized to steroid choice is the kid of radioimmunoassay of proteins, so that you can converse. some of the difficulties which confront the previous were resolved within the latter example. hence, we're in an valuable place simply because we're conscious of the biologic and technical difficulties of the sooner radioimmunoassay concepts. comparable reviews were suggested within the booklet in regards to the use of immunologic concepts for choice of steroid hormones.

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2) The presence of two major antibody specificities in pooled antiserum to estrone-17-carbamido-HSA was revealed in experiments using the • Estrone-17- and 2-carbamido human serum albumins, respectively. PRODUCTION AND USE OF STEROID-SPECIFIC ANTISERA 21 ...... ~! -r--' ASA HSA __I 1 CONTROL. OA ; CI7EHSA t HSA t HSA i CITEOA t t CI7ERSA t i HSA CI7EHSA i CI7ERSA CITEOA t t CI7EBSA CI7ERSA CI7EOA Fig. 5. In vitro anaphylaxis of guinea pig uteri passively sensitized with antiserum to C-17-EHSA on challenge with test antigens.

1968; Humphrey, 1969) . (2) The antigenic specificity of a given group or groups of a molecule responsible for the "specific" interaction of the molecule with antibodies possessing an appropriate, configurationally complementary combining site. As pointed out in Dr. Pressman's lecture at this symposium, antibody preparations are in general highly heterogeneous with respect to their binding affinity. , the "specificity" of immunologic techniques used for the qualitative and/or quantitative determination of antigens or haptens.

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