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By James P. Hogan

Titan, Saturn's biggest moon, was once frozen and lifeless...but purely through a few definitions!
Organic lifestyles had by no means advanced on its barren floor, yet by some means Titan had develop into domestic to the Taloids, a race of self-aware robots who lived in competing city-states, grew homes and instruments, tended their robot herds, and worshipped a god referred to as the Lifemaker.
When people chanced on the Taloids on Titan, they suspected that the robots' sentience had advanced by way of accident--artificial intelligence long gone incorrect. yet the place was once the traditional civilization that had spawned them? without aid from the Taloids--who appeared to recognize not anything in their personal origins--Earth's best scientists have been stumped.
Then unusual blocks of code have been came upon in Titan's historic desktop banks. Neither Taloid electronic DNA nor the working approach for Titan's robot "ecology," the code had basically lain undisturbed for eons. yet now, with human aid, it used to be starting to turn on at last...

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Three or four of the ordinary household servants of the palace had also spent the night in the great hall, standing by to serve the king and his magician, though so far the servants had had little to do. Now, somewhere in the background, at least two of these people were being drawn into interaction with some of the entourage of inhuman attendants who had come with the great visitor. Alex could hear a man and a woman in low-voiced talk, but he did not want to spare a moment to see what they were up to.

His entourage of satyrs and invisible, discordant singers had vanished with him, leaving only a residue of vomit, and grape leaves, and crumbling, dying vines. The servants who had taken part in his last celebration went crawling and slinking away, as well as they were able. The man who had been retching was silent now, perhaps terrified into a semblance of self-control. The smell of wet leaves had been covered, smothered, by the sharper smell of blood. "I am now Minos," said the old king's brother, speaking clearly into the sudden silence.

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