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By L. M. Soroko (auth.)

Now that holography has matured (wIth Dennis Gabor having acquired the Nobel Prize In 1971) and that coherent optics has proved to be much more strong than initially imagined, in open­ ing the hot box of "optical computing," it's particularlyappropri­ ate to make on hand to English-speaking readers the interpretation of a uniquely remarkable textual content which provides the overall and consistent with­ manent foundations of the sphere. L. M. Soroko's booklet has proved its usefulness, because it ap­ peared in Russian In 1971, following the fundamental development set within the world's first monograph within the box, "An advent to Coherent Optics and Holography," written through G. w. Stroke in 1966, and because additionally on hand in Its moment US version (1969) from educational Press, following the ebook of its Russian variation by way of Mlr In 1967. To additional increase the usefulness of L. M. Soroko's booklet, and to guarantee that Its primary nature be thoroughly up-to-date, the interpretation Editor, In contract with the writer, felt that this would top be guaranteed by way of together with an "updating appendix" within the kind of 3 fresh papers within the common box of "opto-dlgltal holographic photo processing and 3D reconstructions," particularly -also in view that their bibliographies comprise various additional refer­ ences to a good many authors and staff through the world.

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Leith-Upatnieks holography: a) recording of a hologram (the object and reference beams separated in space); b) reconstruction stage (the virtual P' and real p. images separated in space). methods. Almost simultaneously with Leith and Upatnieks, Lohmann developed in 1961 an interference system in which the main elements were diffraction gratings. The achromatism of the Lohmann system enabled him to use a mercury lamp and generate a much larger number of interference fringes than in the first Gabor scheme.

The exposure and development conditions can be selected so that the intensities of the beams inclined at all angles with the exception of ±9 are quite negligible. Under these conditions we observe only two secondary beams which are located symmetrically with respect to the illuminating beam. These are the two beams which give rise to virtual and real images of the beam BI. Virtual and real images of objects are formed in the same way. In this case, each point of the object produces its own system of fringes which are of different widths and are not equidistant.

This is due to the fact that light is generated by the superposition of many separate emission events. Instead of one antenna emitting radio waves we have an enormous number of atomic antennas, each of which emits light independently. Such a random superposition of spontaneous emission events generates light wUh characteristics which are very unsuitable for holography. I The matched motion of air molecules under the action of a vibrating string is a good analog of matched vibrational motion of electrons in a radio antenna under the action of an alternating electric field.

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