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By Lucien Jerphagnon

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Citadel Europe: Hitler's Atlantic Wall КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: castle Europe: Hitler's Atlantic WallАвтор: Geroge FortyИздательство: Ian Allan LtdISBN: 0711027692Год: 2002Страниц: 160Формат: PDF в RARРазмер: forty three. 1МБЯзык: английскийOnce it turned obvious that German army objectives within the west have been to be thwarted via British resistance and Hitler's awareness became to the better aim of the defeat of Stalin's Russia, the necessity to shore up the security of Europe opposed to any attainable assault from the British Isles turned principal.

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Secondly, managers and owners hardly came from different social strata. Most company owners were not parvenus who had come from nowhere. More usually they were second- or third-generation industrialists. Such people had often been educated in the elite engineering schools alongside future managers: Robert Peugeot and R. Delauney Belleville attended the Ecole Centrale; Edmond Gillet, of the chemical dynasty, had been trained at the chemical engineering school in Lyon; the two sons of Henri de Wendel 15 17 himself points out that the restricted opportunities of the depression years impeded democratization of the managerial class before 1939.

Badie, 'Les greves du front populaire aux usines Renault'. Lyon, Chamber of Commerce archives, p-v, 11 June 1936. The words were used by Morel Journel. AN, F 22 1587, Roubaix Chamber of Commerce letter to minister of work dated 6 June 14 1936. Badie, 'Les greves du front populaire aux usines Renault', p. 99. Remarks made by Weitz in Lyon C de C, p-v, 22 June 1936. 32 The mobilization of French business were thrown about in moments of crisis without any consensus existing about what such words meant.

For here small- and large-scale businesses existed side by side. In 1936 the Parisian metallurgy association the GIMMCP contained the giant Renault company but it also contained a further 5,000 companies that employed an average of around 50 men. In this situation it would be wrong to assume that small business was simply archaic. Large firms like Renault had themselves often started life in backyards. Furthermore, large firms often subcontracted work to smaller enterprises. Small firms could often provide an element of flexibility that was lacking in large production lines; they also found it easier to evade labour legislation.

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