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Download Harry Dresden: The Ultimate Omnibus, Books 0-15 by Jim Butcher PDF

By Jim Butcher

Observe: it is a awesome assortment however it lacks a copyright web page & not able to discover exact details on e-book & unencumber. Has a operating TOC & ebook is in nice shape.

This assortment comprises all tales - together with brief tales - in order,
up to the 15th within the sequence, pores and skin Game.

A recovery of religion (from aspect Jobs)
#1 - typhoon Front
#2 - idiot Moon
B is for Bigfoot (from below My Hat: stories from the Cauldron)
#3 - Grave Peril
#4 - summer time Knight
#5 - loss of life Masks
Vignette (from aspect Jobs, among loss of life mask and Blood Rights)
#6 - Blood Rights
#7 - lifeless Beat
Something Borrowed (from My huge fats Supernatural Wedding)
I used to be a Teenage Bigfoot (from Blood Lite III: Aftertaste)
#8 - confirmed Guilty
#9 - White Night
It's My Birthday, Too (from Many Bloody Returns)
Heorot (from My mammoth fats Supernatural Honeymoon)
#10 - Small Favor
Day Off (from Blood Lite I)
Backup (from facet Jobs)
The Warrior (from suggest Streets)
Last name (from unusual Brew)
Curses (from bare urban: stories of city Fantasy)
Love Hurts (from aspect Jobs)
#11 - flip Coat
Bigfoot on Campus (from Hex Appeal)
#12 - Changes
Aftermath (from facet Jobs)
#13 - Ghost Story
Even Hand (from darkish and Stormy Knights)
Bombshells (from harmful Women)
#14 - chilly Days
#15 - epidermis online game

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