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Download Handbook of Optics, Volume 1: Fundamentals, Techniques, and by Optical Society of America PDF

By Optical Society of America

This quantity positive aspects dialogue of: basic optics rules, together with geometric, actual, and quantum optics; Optical resources (such as gentle emitting diodes and lasers) and detectors (including strength, waveform, and imaging detection techniques); Detection and processing via human imaginative and prescient; info and snapshot processing; layout and fabrication, together with optical structure innovations and lens layout courses; Optical skinny movie coatings; Terrestrial coatings.

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18 (Ml) (E2) (Ml) (E3> (Ml) I„r,(X) ICC Mult. 2 3 (2) 9. 32 11 J* E(kev) 1 UPPER LEVEL Table 2. Selected low-energy nuclear transitions. 2 3 100? 7? 472 7 0 1. 5110 10 100 32 2. I3r,. > Mult. (E4) E(kev) ? ANSITI0r4S PUMPIMG PAD. 194„» 0. 81 12 297. 448 2 69 0. 6? 2293 6 UPPER LEVEL 14 0. ) Mult. 0? 139 2 1. 8674 9 100 Ml 1. 21m 2 PUMPING RAD. 0304 9 0 297. 8633 11 0. ) ? )Mult. 4 2. 29E+4 32. 927 13 <3>- E(kev) PUMPING RAD. 6 5 0 0 0 42. ) Mult. 587„. 2171 12 (15) (M1+E2)? 3«. 8». 4„. 38M. 90„.

9 2 1 L" PUMPING RAD. »T1 0 197. 16 8 0 LOWEF LEVEL E(kev) ^89 N3HCQ-vni«V ναογ J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiât. Transfer Vol. 40, No. 6, pp. 00 Pergamon Press pic SUPERLATTICE GEOMETRY FOR GAMMA-RAY LASERS G. C. BALDWIN! A. {Received 20 April 1987; received for publication 27 November 1987) Abstract—The central problem to developing a graser—that pumping can inhibit or destroy the Môssbauer and Borrmann effects—can conceivably be mitigated by a superlattice geometry, into which collimated coherent transfer radiation is introduced to form a multiwave Borrmann (or anti-Borrmann) mode.

It was shown in Réf. 1 that, if 4 mm long with near-unity Fresnel number, the graser body is in the12form of a cylinder or prism a few doped with at least 10 isomeric nuclei, superradiance should evolve within a short time after the transfer step, hopefully before loss of crystal structure. To prevent premature dissolution of the graser crystal, however, the transfer process must be not only rapid, but extremely efficient. We shall therefore assume that it will require a sharply tuned, monochromatic beam of coherent radiation, although we make no attempt to identify a particular mechanism by which transfer is effected.

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