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By G Geevarghese

Ticks are obligate blood sucking arthropods present in nearly each zone of the area. they're vitally important vectors of human and animal ailments. Tick-borne protozoan ailments akin to Theileriasis and Babesiosis reason mortality and morbidity in family animals in lots of international locations together with India.

An knowing of taxonomy, vector biology and ecology within the geographic areas of every kingdom is key in order that a programme of regulate measures should be implemented.

This publication specializes in the ticks present in India and should be useful for overall healthiness professionals, tick biologists and veterinary researchers. It covers taxonomic identity, scientific significance and bionomics of haemaphysaline ticks.

  • Presents the taxonomy and organic description of the forty two haemaphysaline ticks that are present in the Indian subcontinent
  • Includes info at the ecology and biology of a lot of those species
  • Keys supplied for subgeneric and person identity may be precious for simple identity of Indian haemaphysaline ticks

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Structurally Primitive Haemaphysalines 43 Keys to Identify Species of Subgenus Herpetobia Males 1. [H. [2] 2. [H. [3] 3. [5] 4. [H. [H. kumaonensis] 5. Coxal spurs are conventionally triangular on II to IV but appear to be spatulate or bluntly triangular on coxa I; posteroventral spur on palpal segment III is broadly triangular but reaching just short of suture between palpal segment II and III; punctations are numerous but irregularly sized and distributed; lateral grooves are very small and enclose just one festoon, reaching to the base of coxa IV...................

Palpi are narrow and without lateral salience. 5 times as long as wide, lateral outline parallel; dental formula is 2/2, with six to seven denticles per file. Legs: Legs are moderately long and stout. Related Species29 All the three species, viz. cornupunctata, chordeilis, and punctata, included in the subgenus Aboimisalis, form a homogeneous group. The latter two species has not been recorded in India. H. cornupunctata is, however, closer to H. punctata than to H. chordeilis. The distinguishing characters of the adults have been amply discussed by Hoogstraal and Varma (1962).

Legs: Coxa are with a very small, short, widely triangular spur on I and a slight sub-basal or basal ridge on II, III, and IV. 6 mm. 21 (AÀD) Hypostome of male, female, nymph, and larva, respectively; (EÀH) capitulum of male, female, nymph, and larva, respectively; (IÀL) coxa of male, female, nymph, and larva, respectively; (MÀO) spiracular plates of male, female, and nymph, respectively. Source: NIV. unpublished drawings. 56 Haemaphysalis Ticks of India Capitulum: Basis capitulum is twice as wide as long; outline as in nymph.

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