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Inset: strict consensus tree. Rectangles represent cypriniform hosts. Black hashmarks represent characters shared by members of clade. 28 Global Advances in Biogeography The basal clade of Rhabdochona (Figure 1, clade I) is represented by the African R. gambiana, a species that parasitizes basal cyprinids from rivers in West Africa, and from the African Rift Lakes (Moravec, 1972). It is followed by an assemblage of African species that parasitize siluriform and characid fishes: R. paski, R. congolensis in several basins in South Africa and the African Rift Lakes, plus the Indian species, R.

Dispersal across Beringia that probably dates back to the last glaciation. Salmonid fishes inhabited naturally Central Mexico most probably during the Pliocene, just before the recorded draught that originated the modern Sonoran Desert (Miller & Smith, 1986). Remnants of these former freshwater fauna include Oncorhynchus chrysoleucas from Northwestern Mexico. Fossils from salmonids have been found in former Lake Chapala in western Mexico. So, most probably there is strong evidence that Rhabdochona spp.

This island also includes rare habitats like coral rocks and rare species. Second, the invasion of the unique habitats such as wadi channels and water catchments in this island by the exotic tree Prosopis juliflora should be managed to conserve the native biodiversity. Third, the current anthropogenic expansion on this island should be managed to conserve the existence of the rare habitats such as mangal vegetation where Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata co-occur. g. Zufaf), due to its limited distribution in the country (Mandura, 1997; El-Juhany 2009, Zahran 2010).

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