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By T. J. Pandian

A accomplished learn of intercourse differentiation gonochoric and hermaphroditic fishes, this publication examines intercourse chromosomes and intercourse opting for genes, emphasizing the necessity to look for multiple sex-determining gene living on varied chromosomes. It lines the foundation of hermaphrodites from secondary gonochores and explains the conservation of homologous intercourse differentiation and steroid receptor genes between gonochores and hermaphrodites. the writer identifies the optimum broodstock measurement and the right candidate species for bait. He exhibits that the research of steriles and mutants has verified the worth of fishes as a process for genetic dissection of human improvement and ailments.

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2007. Dmy gene induces male development in genetically female (XX) medaka fish. Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA, 104 : 3865 – 3870. Copyright 2007 National Academy of Sciences, USA) (i) sox9: The sox family of genes encodes transcription factors containing the Sry related HMG box, a DNA binding motif of approximately 79 amino acids. , 2000). , 1996). The sox9 identified in medaka encodes 487 amino acids and shows 70% amino acid identity with known vertebrate sox9 proteins. , 2002), sox9a is expressed in the testes but sox9b in the ovary.

In medaka, it is concomitantly expressed in the somatic cells of gonadal primordium. , 2001). , 2005a). (vi) cyp19 (aromatase): Despite the enormity of diversity in differentiation, the most conserved factor common to nearly all fishes is the control of ovarian differentiation by the gonadal aromatase gene cyp19a1a. , 1994). Aromatase is a member of the p450 cytochrome superfamily of enzymes. The role of aromatase and estrogens in sex differentiation in fish has recently been reviewed by Guiguen et al.

Have employed more advanced methods like 454 pyrosequencing, expressed sequential tags, ontologies and so forth, used to characterize non-model species bearing homomorphic chromosomes. They have also attempted to adduce evidence with Trichomonas BLAST hits limited to the female gonad. However, they have not located the claimed sex determinant genes to a specific sex chromosome or autosome. The claims by Shirak et al. (2006) and Hale et al. (2010) need to be confirmed in other cichlid and acipenserid species.

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