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By Joseph Vining

This is often fantastically written booklet, composed of brief pensées or insights on an impressive diversity of issues from language to tune to arithmetic, all introduced into a few revealing and suprising reference to the best way attorneys imagine and pay attention and speak once they are performing in overall sturdy religion. way more attention-grabbing than a non-lawyer may possibly ever have imagined. Lyrical, profound, enlightening.

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Mill did not explain to Nightingale why he was unconvinced, but Lytton Strachey leapt in to do so. ” Strachey is quite wrong, neat, but wrong. The piece of writing that emerges from Parliament is not the law. It is evidence of the law, which is used in the course of arriving at a statement of law. Whatever else one may think of Nightingale’s proof, Strachey’s conventional trivialization of the law leaves her claim untouched. 26 1 Explaining Confucianism: An Exercise in the Identification of the Nonlegal The Confucian Spring and Autumn Annals are at once legal, literary, and religious texts.

The Koran is of course very different from this six-word text,” she said. 26 EXPLAINING CONFUCIANISM tradictory remarks. ” “Yes,” replied the Muslim. ” The scholar fell silent. The modern mentality had confronted a contemporary interpreter, seriousness, the not-ridiculous. The Chinese could not have thought that what they were doing was only engaging in practices or conventional behavior. That is not what they were doing. We cannot assert that we understand at all what they were doing for those thousands of years up to our own little century if we do not acknowledge the phenomenon for what it is.

So legal talk, though unconnected to particular outcomes, serves as a damping force, a lid, order to cling to; and that, it may be said, is all it is. But if that is all the legal is, how can lawyers who are aware of what they are doing continue to do it, valuable though they may think it to be? They do it thus, comes the reply. We know we can operate for a time by habit. Polite talk, small talk, is a craft. Because we are taught to do it and to do it well before we wake up to what it is we are doing, we find ourselves capable of continuing for a time even while awake.

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