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L. CUTTING rigged carrier-vessels, which after 1864 were steam-powered. The trawlers themselves continued for some time to be sail-driven, despite a number of sporadic attempts to apply steam power to them from about 1860 onwards. After a period in which steam paddle-tugs of the rivers Tyne and Wear were used to assist the trawlers when it was too calm, the tugs themselves began to be fitted with trawls about 1877. Steam-powered capstans and winches, too, made operations at sea easier and further increased productivity.

5 Source: Dewberry, 1961. The extensive data published in the literature concerning the protein content of fish indicate that the different types of fish contain widely 34 ERNEST GEIGER AND GEORG BORGSTROM TABLE III REFERENCES TO SELECTED STUDIES ON PROTEIN C O N T E N T O F F I S H * Country Africa Cape Verde Cameroun America Canada United States Rockfish Salt-water fish Pacific ocean perch Fresh-water fish Mexico Miscellaneous Peru Salt-water (chiefly) Both fresh- and salt-water fish Asia Ceylon Pakistan Philippines All kinds Vietnam All kinds India Salt-water α References Busson et al, 1953 Bergeret and MasseyefF, 1957 Bailey, 1942 Sinnhuber et al, 1956 Thurston, 1961 Teeri et al, 1957 Iversen, 1958 Thurston et al, 1959 Massieu et al, 1954 Sanchez Moreno, 1950 Rodriguez Velasco, 1950 Sandoval Colmenares, 1951 Horna Acosta, 1951 Vasquez Vassalo, 1951 Vallejos Plantano, 1952 Zanona, 1951 Arevalo Padilla, 1952 Castillo la Rosa Sanchez, 1952 Costa Saenz, 1952 Urco Najera, 1953 Cisneros, Almontes, 1953 Cordova Urteaga, 1953 Mock Morales.

A history of food preservation. Canning and Packing 25, No. 291, 8; No. 292, 6. 28 C. L. CUTTING Bryant, V. J. M. (1956). A history of food preservation. Canning and Packing 26, No. 302, 10; No. 306, 26; No. 308, 11; No. 309, 10; No. 310, 8; No. 311, 6; No. 312, 6. Chimits, P. (1957). Tilapia in ancient Egypt. Food and Agr. N. FAO Fisheries Bull. 10, 211-220. Cutting, C. L. (1955). " Leonard Hill, London. Dickens, C. (1838). " London. Doorman, G. (1957). Haringkaken en Willem Beukels. Tijdschr.

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