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Download European Development Cooperation and the Poor by Aidan Cox PDF

By Aidan Cox

What are the poverty aid objectives of the eu improvement cooperation organizations? This e-book examines the credibility in their real list by way of their dedication and methods to poverty relief. The poverty effect in their reduction programmes and their reliable and undesirable practices are assessed in response to box experiences in seven bad countries.

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It is far from clear whether this favours the poor or poor regions. Although there are some laws to protect women, and some civil human rights movements have developed, there continues to be widespread gender discrimination (de Boisdeffre, 1998a). In Zambia, in line with general recent experience, the advent of multi-party democracy has not so far given the poor greater leverage. For example, the early years of the democratically elected MMD suggest that the new government has moved away from balanced regional and district budget allocations towards a system built on political favouritism.

Education's share of the budget is larger, but there has been inadequate allocation to primary and secondary education and to adult literacy. The poor have benefited little from the distribution of subsidized food, since only 2S per cent goes to the remote areas, and even this is not targeted on poor families. The government's Food for Work Programme, in contrast, is self-targeted and has been reasonably effective in creating rural off-season employment and infrastructure. There has been inadequate attention to the protection of workers or of children and vulnerable groups.

While effective decentralization may be a necessary condition for more effective poverty reducing actions, it is not always sufficient. Local elites are not necessarily more progressive or pro-poor than national ones. Many NGOs in which the poor and near poor participate, are dominated by better-off members whose interests may differ, although equally there have been important examples of effective local organization, including actions by poor cultivators usually focused on pressing practical needs (Nelson, 1992: 237).

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