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By H.P. Kainz

"Dialectic" is a fulcrum be aware. Aristotle attacked this trust, asserting that the dialectic used to be merely appropriate for a few function- to investigate into men's ideals, to reach at truths approximately everlasting sorts of issues, often called rules, which have been mounted and un­ altering and constituted fact for Plato. Aristotle acknowledged there's additionally the strategy of technology, or "physical" process, which observes actual evidence and arrives at truths approximately ingredients, which endure switch. This duality ofform and substance and the medical approach to arriving at evidence approximately components have been significant to Aristotle's philosophy. therefore the dethronement of dialectic from what Socrates and Plato held it to be was once ab­ solutely crucial for Aristotle, and "dialectic" was once and nonetheless is a fulcrum observe . . . i believe it used to be Coleridge who acknowledged everyone seems to be both a Plato­ nist or an Aristotelian . . . Plato is the basic Buddha-seeker who looks repeatedly in every one new release, relocating on­ ward and upward towards the "one. " Aristotle is the everlasting motorbike mechanic who prefers the "many. " R.

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If you really believe that all of your behavior is explainable in terms of one or the other "inclination" coming to the fore, how could you be expected to recognize and admit that this or that instance of behavior is unexplainable in terms of "purely natural" inclinations? TURNER: You're giving up too soon. We're not really at an impasse - not yet. In fact, I am now in a position to offer you an "olive branch" which you won't be able to refuse. ) It's a true instance of dialectic; a dialectical solution to our apparently divergent moral experiences.

But a lot of work has been done on , this since the "humor" theory of medicine became passe. In our own century, Kretschmer and Sheldon have had a great influence on medicine and sociology as well as psychology by their theories concerning the correlation of body types and temperaments. TuRNER: Yoil misunderstand the nature of my objection. I do not have any particular difficulty appreciating the efforts of scientists to correlate physical and psychological factors. I'm not aware of any spectacular successes in this area as of this date, but to me the endeavor seems worthwhile: why not look to physical factors for the clues to personality traits, etc.?

Saying that an action is "in accord with our inclinations" and also "moral" in its intent is an ambivalent statement, if you examine it closely. For we could not know if the action was moral unless at the very minimum there were a willingness to immediately desist from the action if reason and will were to so dictate. How can one ever be sure, when borne on the wave of a present inclination, that he is sufficiently detached from that inclination to give it up in the name of morality? TURNER: Then Carrie Nation and the rest of that gloomy band of famous moralists are right: if you want to make people moral, make them renounce and suffer and sacrifice.

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