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By Ervin Laszlo (auth.)

There are drastically divergent modes of considering and broadly differing difficulties subsumed as belonging to the area of eontemporary philosophy. a few philosophers may perhaps weil locate that they have got little extra in eommon with their coileagues than their curiosity in exposing an issue at the point of idea, systematically, and with the optimal regard for the validity in their argumentation. the conventional confliet among philosophie faculties lies within the answer varied thinkers suggest to an issue. In our day, even if, there's a deeper schism among the exponents of alternative sehools than a distinction within the problem's answer. The clash comprises already the formula of the matter. There are at the very least common modes of pursuing philosophical research the place no clash within the answer of difficulties no longer beeause there will be contract one of the thinkers, is feasible, yet as the difficulties attacked via the concept of 1 university will not be considered by way of the adherents of the opposite. usually, it can be acknowledged with no worry of significant competition that the type of difficulties handled by way of neo-positivists and positivistic analysts are seldom if ever heavily tested by means of ontologists, metaphysicians, existentialists and likely different colleges of the speculative department of philosophy, whereas those philosophers take care of difficulties that are commonly looked to be outdoor the scope of philosophie inquiry through positivists and analysts.

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The Idealist principle is embraced epistemologically only, in the form where the Object is held to exist for the Subject by means of the perceptual Content. This need not, however, take us to the extreme agnostic conclusion of Solipsism. While the egocentric predicament is indicated, we need not go as far as to refuse categorically any independent existence for external Objects. " 30 ONTOLOGY The following reasoning leads us to the results here envisaged: the Subject exists - it is an actual entity: cogito ergo sumo An examination of the Subject soon brings to light the simple fact that the operations of the Subject result from the coordinate functioning of divergent parts.

In the assumption that "I relate" we imply the object of the relation as existing on the same plane as the Subject. At the present stage of the argument, we are in a position to make two statements: (a) the existent Subject is organic, (b) the Subject's relations with externals are effective for the Subject's determination. e. may have existence outside an organic context). One of these three hypotheses must be adopted in the construction of the system. (I) If we were to assume that the nature of Objects may be other than organic, then we could have an organic Subject relating to an inorganic Object.

However, such a view is becoming increasingly untenable today. Science finds entirely different kinds of motion, different kinds of products, laws of development, etc. in the various spheres of experience. We are unable to reduce the differences between these spheres to a common mechanistic conception of interrelation. We must introduce something to qualify mechanistic causality with respect to each sphere of experience. In fact, we must equate each empirically distinct category of experience with aseparate le'IJel 0/ being.

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