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By Thomas J. Myers

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However, a number of major challenges remain, particularly in relation to the increased cost of conserved forage relative to grazing and grain and by-product feeds, and the relative unpredictability of silage-making in relation to the feeding value of the final product. The key challenges for research and development are to develop lower cost harvesting systems with reduced labour and fuel requirement. The lack of effect of chop length on animal performance in cattle feeding systems indicates that longer chop length harvesting methods, including self-loading forage wagons, may have a role.

Part of this perception may have originated from observations based on indirect comparisons of EMPS, an overestimation in the range of ruminal protein degradability determined by current methods and kinetic models (in situ) and responses found with poorly-preserved silages being accepted as typical of all silages. 25 lower for silage. The AA profile of absorbed protein is relatively well-balanced in animals fed grass silagebased diets due to the high contribution of microbial protein and therefore reducing rumen ammonia-N losses represents the most promising means for improving overall efficiency of N use (milk N/dietary N).

With the limitations in the use of animal proteins for ruminants, the scope to balance the limited His supply by high quality plant proteins is rather limited. Rapeseed meal, which is one of the best sources of His amongst vegetable proteins, has the same amount of His per g protein as milk. , 1999), and it is unlikely that protected sources of His would markedly improve the efficiency of N utilisation on grass silage diets due to the relatively balanced profile of absorbed AA under these circumstances.

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