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Download Environmental Sampling for Hazardous Wastes by Glenn E. Schweitzer and John A. Santolucito (Eds.) PDF

By Glenn E. Schweitzer and John A. Santolucito (Eds.)

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The wind has a strong and frequent southerly to south­ easterly component. The 2500 to 5000 ppm area i s completely enclosed by the area representing 1000 to 2500 ppm. This l e v e l of lead occurs nowhere else on the map. It i s enclosed by the area representing 500 to 1000 ppm lead except on part of i t s southern edge. This nesting shows a plume structure enclosing the smelter and i s unique i n inten­ s i t y of lead concentration. The plume i s a contiguous irregular polygon, not a s t r i n g of blocks along the roads.

Precision. The choice of 400 mg of s o i l i s a r b i t r a r y . It was chosen i n order to keep the entire cleanup step within a 2 cc v i a l . A test of r e p l i c a t i o n was done on one f i e l d sample contaminated with about 20,000 ppm of 1254. Three samples of 50, 54, and 54 mg were weighed into separate v i a l s , extracted, and then diluted 1:1000 into hexane i n a separate v i a l . The three chromatograms are shown i n Figure 7. Two peaks were quantified to demonstrate how reproducible a measure­ ment can be, even i n a f i e l d sample.

Shelby Tube. A single hole was d r i l l e d and the cores collected at eight successive depths using Shelby Tubes. Each core, after removing about one-half inch from the top and bottom to reduce cross-contamination, was about 5 inches i n length. Tubes were decontaminated between horizons. 4. Trench Method. 5 feet deep and wide enough (30 inches) for f i e l d personnel to work. The sampling face of the trench was on the road centerline and positioned so the v e r t i c a l centerline of the sampling on the trench face would coincide with the location of the Shelby Tube hole previously dug.

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