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Download Enter the Babylon System: Unpacking Gun Culture from Samuel by Rodrigo Bascunan, Christian Pearce PDF

By Rodrigo Bascunan, Christian Pearce

A docu-style research of our fascination with the gun, from the viewpoint of the hip-hop generation.

The 2003 taking pictures dying of Toronto community-centre employee Kempton Howard positioned the highlight on hip hop’s fixation with weapons. Media and police quickly blamed rap tune and its stories of gang lifestyles on bullet-ridden US streets for the emerging use of firearms in Canadian crime. have been those songs crafty bills of a negative fact, or a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Rodrigo Bascunan and Christian Pearce have interviewed the various significant avid gamers within the hip-hop global. As publishers of an award-winning journal of city tradition, they’d watched rap tune turn into a scapegoat for society’s a lot older and broadly unfold fascination with weapons. What follows is their overseas experience to deconstruct sleek gun tradition in all its manifestations. Bascunan and Pearce hunt down hip-hop artists, unlawful gun runners, firearms aficionados and brands, museum curators, lecturers, politicians, video-game creators, activists, sufferers of gun violence and the friends and family left behind.

Somewhere among Fast foodstuff Nation, No Logo and a Michael Moore documentary, that includes sly sidebar fabric and unique art, Enter the Babylon System is a component outrageous journalistic pursuit and half passionate cri de coeur for sanity within the face of a society’s obsession.

From the Hardcover edition.

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