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By Alice Albinia

Presented a prestigious 2005 jerwood award. The judges referred to as it 'ambitious, courageous, ingenious and wonderfully written' and michael holroyd, who donated cash, stated it was 'a masterpiece within the making'.

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34. Senge Khabab, the ‘Lion’s Mouth’: the source of the Indus in Tibet. Preface IN A LAND where it seldom rains, a river is as precious as gold. Water is potent: it trickles through human dreams, permeates lives, dictates agriculture, religion and warfare. Ever since Homo sapiens first migrated out of Africa, the Indus has drawn thirsty conquerors to its banks. Some of the world’s first cities were built here; India’s earliest Sanskrit literature was written about the river; Islam’s holy preachers wandered beside these waters.

Indus River—History. 2. Indus River Valley—History. 3. Indus civilization. I. Title. 91—dc22 2009054275 W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. Y. com W. W. Norton & Company Ltd. Castle House, 75/76 Wells Street, London W1T 3QT ROBERT MATHERS (1953-1991) Contents Illustrations Map Preface 1. Ramzan in Karachi 2. Conquering the Classic River 3. Ethiopia’s First Fruit 4. River Saints 5. The Guru’s Army 6. Up the Khyber 7. Buddha on the Silk Road 8. Alexander at the Outer Ocean 9. Indra’s Beverage 10. Alluvial Cities 11.

Had he banked on British and Congress pride in an undivided India? All agree that he was dismayed by the eventual British settlement–the poisoned chalice of a divided Punjab and Bengal–a ‘moth-eaten, truncated’ Pakistan, itself separated by a thousand miles of India. Suave Louis Mountbatten, eager to assure himself a dashing role in history, had accepted the job of Indian Viceroy in February 1947 on one condition: that by June the following year, Britain would be out of India. The post-war Labour government–anxious to disburden Britain of its empire–gave the green light to the Viceroy’s hectic schedule.

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